Pelican Hardigg

Cases Plus offers rack mount cases from Pelican Hardigg. Rack Mount cases are made to protect its contents, even electronics. Pelican Hardigg rack mount cases provide shock and vibration protection, as well as portability so you can safely carry around the equipment you need.

Cases Plus has the following Pelican Hardigg rack mount cases, which are made to protect different equiptment sizes.
  1. Classic Rack
The Classic rack mount cases can protect equipment from 20 to 340 lbs. It has the best shock and vibration protection available.
  1. Black Box
The Black Box is a rugged steel rack which is designed to protect up to 100 lbs of equipment.
  1. Mac Rack
Mac Racks are for semi-ruggedized equipment in need of decent protection from shock and vibration. It can protect equipment from 20 to 200 lbs.
  1. Pro Rack
ProRack cases are lightweight and space-efficient racks designed to protect equipment up to 75 lbs. It has aircraft aluminum frames with plastic fins.
  1. SuperMac
SuperMacs are space-efficient and lightweight cases that can protect equipment between 20 and 200 lbs. It has the option to have removable racks.

To see our full Pelican Hardigg racks catalogue, click on each category. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give Cases Plus a call!