Rack / Shockmount

You can find high quality racks and shock mounts at Cases Plus. We carry Pelican Hardigg and SKB rack and shack mounts that are ready for any challange.
Pelican Hardigg Rack and Shock Mount Cases
Pelican Hardigg rack mount cases are protective cases that can withstand shock and vibration. These are watertight cases that also have purge valves that allow the equalization of air pressure inside the case and atmospheric pressure, ensuring that the case can be easily opened. These cases also comes in varying sizes, depending on your need.
SKB Rack and Shock Mount Cases
Be confident that your shipment will be safely transported with SKB rack and shock mount cases. Packed with military-grade protective capabilities, SKB rack and shock mount cases are truly reliable and dependable for the security of your items. They also come with a lifetime warranty.
Cases Plus: For all your rack and shock mount cases.
If you are looking for a durable case, Pelican Hardigg or and SKB rack and shock mount case are your best options. For more information on our rack and shock mount cases, give us a call and we will gladly help you!