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P0955 Sport Wallet
This Wallet offers: Water and dust resistant seal (IP 54) ...
Cases Plus carries Pelican ProGear wallets for those who need extra protection. Right now, we have one Pelican ProGear Wallet in stock. The Pelican 0955 Sports Wallet case is a crushproof, dust-and-water-resistant wallet that will provide superior protection for small items. The Pelican 0955 can contain cash, cards, IDs, keys, and other small items that you usually carry with you. It has a dual mesh pocket interior which helps you keep your items organized as the case protects it.

The Pelican 0955 sports wallet is made of tough polycarbonate material for rigid protection. It also has an easy open latch made of ABS plastic. It also has a nylon lanyard carrying strap to easily bring it along with you.

If you somehow drop the Pelican 0955 in water, you don’t worry because it will float, as well keep the water out.

The Pelican 0955 is very dependable and Pelican believes in it so much that it comes along with a lifetime guarantee.

With a Pelican 0955 Sports Wallet, you can carry the signature protecting ability of pelican at the palm of your hands. Your cash, cards, IDs and other small items will never be safer than with a Pelican 0955 sports wallet. Click on the product to find out more!
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