Cases Plus offers a wide selection of Pelican ProGear items! The Pelican ProGear Series is a collection of protective cases for a variety of uses. Whether you need a backpack, luggage, coolers, wallets, phone cases, tablet cases or e-reader cases, you can find the right ProGear case for any need.
ProGear Backpacks
May it be for work or for travel, there is a ProGear backpack for you. We carry ProGear Backpacks for your laptop, camera, or tablet. Your items will all be protected inside your crushproof and watertight ProGear Backpack.

ProGear Luggage
The Pelican ProGrear Luggage is a great watertight, crushproof and lightweight luggage option. Perfect for traveling, you can protect your belongings without exceeding the weight restrictions!
ProGear Coolers
Tough coolers that can really keep its contents cool. You can also opt for accessories. The perfect cooler awaits you!
ProGear Wallets
A small but trusty Pelican ProGear wallet will keep your money and cards safe with its crushproofing and water-resisting abilities.
ProGearPhone Cases
Your phone is best protected by a Pelican ProGear mobile phone case. Choose from the Marine series, Voyager series, or the Protector series.
ProGear Tablets and E-Readers Cases
Keep your tablets and e-readers protected with a ProGear tablet and e-reader case.