Vacuum Formed

SKB Vacuum-formed cases are heavy duty cases that were beautifully crafted, boasting a sleek and contemporary design, without compromising strength and durability. Vacuum-formed cases are resistant to oils, fuels, solvents, and acids, and can also withstand temperatures between -80 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cases Plus has a wide collection of SKB Vacuum-formed cases. Surely, you can find the right case for your particular need here.
We have the following vacuum-formed cases:
  1. SKB Vacuum-formed cases with pull handle
Beautiful, strong, and easy to transport.
  1. Maximum Protection SKB Vacuum-formed cases
Stackable cases with molded-in protective bumpers.
  1. Heavy Duty SKB Vacuum-formed cases
Ready for abuse. Truly heavy duty.
  1. Luggage Style SKB Vacuum-formed cases
Stylish and strong – the perfect luggage for you!
  1. Low-profile ATA SKB Vacuum-formed cases
Air Transport Association rated cases that are ready to protect your shipment.
  1. Rail Pack SKB Vacuum-formed Utility cases
Safely and easily transport a wide variety of items.
  1. Top Loading Rail Pack SKB Vacuum-formed Utility cases
Innovative top loading cases for your item transport needs.
  1. Multi-purpose SKB Vacuum-formed Utility cases
Versatile durability.
Look into each SKB vacuum-formed case and find which one suits you best.
Find the perfect SKB Vacuum-formed case at Cases Plus!