Pelican Hardigg

Among our collection of Pelican cases is the Pelican Hardigg. Pelican-Hardigg boasts the toughest and the most reliable cases for transporting even the most sensitive of equipment. Pelican Hardigg cases are especially designed to withstand the harshest environments. 
Hardigg Pelican cases are high-end rotationallymolded cases and have been trusted to protect anything from digital cameras up to aircraft engines for over fifty years. Pelican Hardigg holds a reputation of providing strong containers for shipments, trusted by photographers, scientists, and even the military. To say that Pelican Hardigg cases are reliable is an understatement. If you need the ultra-tough protection for your shipment, then Pelican-Hardigg is your best bet.
We carry Pelican Hardigg AL shipping cases, AL meaning All Latch. The AL series has reinforced corners and edged for an even better protection.
Also available are the Pelican Hardigg Inter-stacking Pattern (ISP) Shipping cases. Inter-stacked shipment removes the risk that loose cargo provides.
You might also consider the Pelican Hardigg Grab-and-Roll cases, your super strong wheeled case. Not only can you protect your equipment, you can also wheel the equiptment around with ease!
Finally, we have the Pelican Hardigg Flange mount cases which have molded-in flange for support of its contents. Flange mount cases also have comfortable grip handles for easy carrying.
Cases Plus is proud to offer a variery of Pelican Hardigg plastic cases. Take a look at our wide selection to find the right fit for you!