Cases Plus carried various Pelican Plastic Cases! Pelican is a leading manufacturer of hard cases for a variety of purposes. Pelican is also known for providing protection cases for your cameras, laptops, guns, etc.
Pelican cases are truly reliable and ready for whatever your need! 
Browse through our collection of Pelican Plastic Cases to find which case fits your needs.
Pelican Protector Cases are your classic molded plastic cases that are both airtight and watertight. The Pelican Protectors are very durable and can survive the harshest environments.
The Pelican Storm case is a very durable case based on the Pelican Protector case but has the addition of a press and pull latch. It can be in a small, medium, or large size, so it can fit your particular casing need.
Pelican Hardigg is Pelican’s answer to protecting items for transportation. Specifically designed to safely contain items for transport, Pelican Hardigg can keep even the most sensitive of products safe and sound.
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