Cases Plus also have plastic cases from Parker. Parker is home to high-quality plastic cases that are heavy duty yet affordable. Parker cases are popular for their shipping cases that are available in a different sizes and can truly protect its contents.
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Parker Shipping cases are lightweight and easily customizable. It can provide optimum protection for your items for shipment. Parker Shipping cases are undeniably heavy duty. Parker shipping cases are resistant to solvents, and are waterproof.
Parker Roto rugged cases are durable cases that have been rotationally molded. It comes in a wide array of sizes that enable you to use it on any application. The wheels of the Parker Roto rugged cases be replaced. There is a collection of roto rugged caes for your particular casing need.
Parker Deluxe cases are stylishly classic in design, and is equally functional. Furthermore, Parker Deluxe cases are resistant to solvents, and can withstand temperatures between -180 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees farenheit.
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For all your heavy duty shipping needs, Parker and Cases Plus are the perfect choice!