Cases Plus offers superior quality plastic cases from Flambeau. Flambeau is a worldwide industry leader in thermoplastic manufacturing, and specializes in injection and blow molding.
Flambeau plastic cases are of the highest quality. Flambeau is ISO 901-2008 Certified, which means that they adhere to the strictest quality standards in their business.
Browse through our collection of Flambeau plastic cases to find the right Flambeau Case for any of your needs!
For ultimate protection through a water and chemical-resistant, double-walled high density case, try out the Flambeau Defender series.
For a light but reliable protection case that can be easily customized, try out the Flambeau Infinity series.
You might also want to check out the Flambeau P-series. It has a proven track record in various applications.
Flambeau Tradesman and Flambeau Merchant cases are great options for carrying items for the modern entrepreneur. They come in varying sizes to fit your particular casing needs.
Flambeau black ribbon cases are the best choice when you need rugged water-resistant cases for the storage and protection of digital cameras, ipods, electronic devices, and GeoCaches.
Flambeau plastic cases can perform a wide range of applications. Whatever your need may be, there is bound to be a perfect Flambeau plastic case for you!