Tough, Durable, and High-Quality Carrying Cases

A variety of types, brands, and materials for all carrying needs.

No matter what type of product, material, or tool you need to store and transport, you need a versatile and reliable carrying case to get your cargo to and from where it needs to be. When it comes to choosing protective cases to keep your products and supplies safe, it’s hard to overstate just how important they can be for your business.
So if you are looking for the best protective cases to meet the needs of your business, you will need to know exactly what type and style of case will perform best for you! To help you decide on which cases will solve your carrying needs, let’s check out all of the protective case options made by Cases Plus and some of their helpful features:
  • Plastic Cases
    Created with some of the most durable plastic made in America, molded plastic carrying cases are air and water tight, guaranteeing that your cargo will be protected in any environment. Comprehensive assortment of options to fit all of your packaging needs.

    Brands of Plastic cases include Pelican, SKB, Underwater Kinetics, PFC, Parker, Flambeau, Gemstar.
  • ATA Custom Cases
    Fabricated cases made with high strength plastic, laminated plywood, double aluminum framing, and custom made foam interiors. ATA cases are available in different sizes, from small carrying cases to large reusable plastic shipping containers. Full-length steel piano hinges, tongue and groove closures, and recessed handles and latches make for ideal handling and easy transportation with any size cargo.
  • Custom Cases and Foam
    The state of the art technology behind Case Plus’s custom cases and foam inserts can make all the difference in the world when packing and shipping specialty items or tools. Imagine how much more efficiently you can transport uniquely sensitive products and materials with custom cases and foam inserts designed and cut with laser precision and accuracy!

    Cases Plus can customize any case with insertable foam cushions that will protect and store every product your business needs!
  • GPS Storage Cases
    Protecting an investment such as a GPS unit is nearly impossible without a tough and reliable carrying and storage case. The customizable cases by Cases Plus offer durability and affordability while keeping your valuable GPS system safe, clean, and easy to access.
  • GoPro Cases
    Since many companies and small businesses are incorporating the use of GoPro’s into their organizations, it only makes sense that they would invest in a smart and affordable carrying case to store and carry them in. GoPro carry cases that are both lightweight and rugged can help you get the most out of the valuable technology that you use most often in your business.

    Pelican GoPro carrying cases even feature a guaranteed lifetime warranty!
The superior quality and exceptional product design are what make the carrying cases made by Cases Plus easy to recommend to any business looking to protect their cargo, whatever it may be!