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Standard Crates and Pallets vs. Custom

The next time you walk into the grocery and notice a festive, Valentine’s Day themed display of soda boxes arranged in the shape of a heart, take a moment to peer down towards the display’s foundation. Chances are high that you will find a standard pallet, or perhaps a custom one. Either way, that store is placing a lot of trust in a thick slab of yellow pine or oak wood, because if that pallet were to collapse, the store manager would have quite a mess on his or her hands.

Store managers are not the only people dependent upon reliable pallets. They are so commonly used for a huge variety of jobs, that it is well-worth everyone’s time to know a little bit about what type of pallet is worth investing in–standard or custom.

What is a standard pallet?

The most common type of pallet used is a standard pallet. They are a cheap option for shipping things all over the world. The standard dimensions are 48×40 inches, but they can hold an outstanding amount of weight. On average this size pallet will withstand up to 4,600 pounds, so you can have confidence storing large amounts of inventory, building materials, or any other heavyweight items. Standard pallets all sit off the ground enough to fit on a forklift or truck.

All of these attributes combined make standard pallets ideal resources for moving large things or large quantities with ease.

What is a custom pallet?

A custom crate or pallet is used for moving items that have a unique size. Maybe you need a pallet to fit in a specific storage space, or maybe the actual geometry of the items is larger than the standard pallet size. Another frequent problem occurs with tall items. The extra height can make an item unstable and require extra support for balance. Custom crates can provide that support for tall items so that you do not have to worry about transporting awkward shapes or sizes. These crates and pallets also support a wider range of weights. Adjusting the size of a pallet has a great effect on how much weight it can hold.

How do I get a custom pallet or crate?

Cases Plus specializes in designing and producing custom crates and pallets that are perfect for your individual needs. There is an online form that will ask for some personal contact information and some information to evaluate your needs or expectations. You can fill out specific measurements, or you can submit photos of your space or item and we will design something perfect to fit your need.

Our custom pallets and crates come complete with customized foam inserts to provide extra protection for your content. These foam pads also extend the life of your pallet or crate so that it lasts longer than a standard pallet or crate. Other features of the custom crates include shock mounted bases, built in loading ramps, container loading and domestic and international freight forwarding. All of these crates also come with European Union and China certifications.