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Injection Gemstar Molded Cases

When you are trying to decide on a hard plastic case you want to make sure that your durable case is going to be able to keep up with you and your adventures. The Gemstar cases available through Cases Plus are top of the line cases made through injection molding.

Gemstar forms thermoplastics through a process called injection molding for their line of Sentinel cases. Injection molding is a manufacturing process that is used in a variety of industries to create small, intricate parts to large structures, such as entire body panels of cars. The injection molded thermoplastics create such durable, long lasting products. Certain Lego products and world class refined glass products are all created through the same reliable process as the Gemstar cases.

Another Gemstar line of cases are the stronghold cases. These cases are rotationally molded, which is a slightly different process than the injection molding. They are created from a polyethylene material and contain a double wall for extra lightweight protection.

One of the most amazing things about the Gemstar cases is the versatility. These cases have been used in a wide variety of ways because of their high quality and reliability. The following are a few common uses for the various collections of Gemstar cases. However, this is not meant to limit the possibilities of their usage, nor provide a comprehensive list.

Mars Rover Mission: The stronghold cases were trusted to carry equipment into space with the Mars Rover mission. The high density polymer, polyethylene, plastic provided the very best quality. The Rover mission needed a product that was lightweight, compact, rust-proof and chemical resistant. The stronghold cases provided the perfect combination for the Mars mission equipment.

Military Cases: The military needs cases to carry weapons, equipment, communication devices and all kinds of other things. It is critical that the military uses top of the line cases that are compact for travel and of the highest durability. For those reasons, the military has chosen to go with Gemstar sentinel cases on multiple occasions for frontline combat carriers.

Backwoods Research: Sentinel cases are made out of a material that is so lightweight that they are perfect for quick and easy transport. Many researchers need cases to carry expensive analytical equipment. Not only do the cases need to be protective, but also they research need to be able to easily carry them for long periods of time in potentially rugged terrain. Gemstar cases are entirely waterproof and provide the perfect option for researchers.

Tool Cases: Every home requires a case to carry household tools. People search for a case that is organized, durable and compact. You do not want something that is too bulky and takes up a lot of room. For that reason, certain models in the sentinel and stronghold collections provide perfect tool cases.

The Gemstar cases are perfect for such a wide variety of needs. Gemstar is so confident about the performance abilities of each of their cases that every single one comes with a lifetime guarantee. These cases will perform in even the harshest environments, so you can feel absolutely confident in your decision. Get your Gemstar case at Cases Plus!