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How to Take Care of My GoPro

GoPro has become a must for the adrenaline-junky adventurers these days. It is a camera built to endure the toughest climates and conditions. However, such a valuable piece of equipment needs to be cared for and protected. These few simple tips will go a long way to extend your GoPro’s life and ensure that your camera is always ready for your next adventure.


Your waterproof housing unit for your GoPro should act as a protective layer between your camera and the outside abuse. It will protect from water, sand, rocks or anything else you decide to put your camera up against. After each excursion, your camera is going to be pretty beat up, so some tender love and care will be in order. A careful cleaning will go a long way because the housing unit can easily collect dirt and residue which can be detrimental to your camera if not properly taken care of.

You should carefully remove the camera from the casing, taking special care to avoid touching the lens. Compressed air is a great tool to use to remove any dirt, sand or other built-up residue from the lens. Possibly, the most important thing to remember when cleaning your camera and housing unit is DO NOT WIPE THE LENS. If there is any dirt or marks on it, wiping it will scratch the lens and essentially it will destroy your GoPro.


The lens is the heart and soul of your GoPro camera. This is what delivers your epic footage to you, so treat it with care. An exposed lens is prone to abrasions and scratches both during use and transport. A quick easy fix for this problem is using a lens shield. They can cost as little as $15 and they are well worth every penny. There are great high definition self-adhering plastic lens protectors that are specifically designed to cover the lens area of your GoPro camera. These custom shields with durable 4-layer construction will be your first line of precaution.

Only after using your compressed air to remove any residue, are you ready to use any materials to wipe or clean the lens. Probably everyone has been guilty of using the breath on it method to fog up your lens and wipe it down with the nearest cotton blend t-shirt. Avoid this method. It is worth the extra couple minutes it requires to give your lens a real cleaning. There are various products available for zoom lens cleaning solutions and lens cloths. Use those tools to gently wipe your lens without scratching any surface or leaving any solution marks.

Storage Case

When your camera is not out on an epic adventure with you, it is imperative that you keep it protected. Not only can a small camera become lost easily, but out of a case you run the risk of it falling on the floor, getting stepped on or used as a toy. Here you can find a variety of cases that are made specifically for storing GoPro cameras. Every item including the camera, cleaning materials and accessories can find a snug fit home within the case for protected travel.

Remember these tips so that you and your GoPro can enjoy a fun and epic life together!