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Flambeau Cases Spotlight

For all of your rigid packaging needs–whether they be for carrying cases, medical supplies, tool boxes, satchels, and even waterproof cases, look no further than our selection of Flambeau Cases. Industrial cases from Flambeau include top of the line, thermoplastic, injection and blow molding cases that are all ISO 901-2008 Certified, which means that they meet the highest standards when it comes to custom packaging products, so you can be sure that your valuable equipment is protected in every environment and situation.

The selection of Flambeau cases that we carry include the following types: Defender, Infinity, P-Series, Trademan/Merchant, and Black Ribbon. Here is a closer look at the features of each Flambeau case that we sell.

Defender: The name of this case is Defender for a reason; this case is one of the most rugged cases available on the market today, as its double wall construction and high density homopolymer plastic material make it ideal for protecting your gear from expose to chemicals and moisture, while also being stackable and crush resistant as well.

Additional features include:
– Available logo engraving, Spectra-Molding permanent labeling, custom colors, foam or molded interior, so you can personalize and customize your case to the specific needs of your cargo.
-Rear feet detail adds extra stability and exterior banding strap allow case to double as a shipping container
-5 different sizes available, ranging from 12”-23’’ in length.

Infinity: With more of a professional, modern look, the Infinity case provides high grade protection without compromising style. But don’t be fooled by the outside look of the cases, because this carrying case from Flambeau can still withstand up to 30 pounds of impact, is made with double wall protection, and is alas designed to be crush resistant.

Additional features include:
-Made with natural dust seal, and is resistant to chemicals and even gasoline. -Dual latch system guarantees the safety of your product through the most demanding of conditions.
-Affordably priced; available in 12 different types/sizes.

P-Series: A pin-hinge style high-density polyethylene blow-molded case, the Flambeau P-Series case is depended on by professionals in nearly every major industry and with every type of application. The heavy duty design and construction of the P-Series case makes it resistant to virtually all chemicals, and even features snap-shut latches and a durable pin hinge, for added protection.

Additional features include: -Available in a variety of sizes

-Available engraving, printing, labeling, custom colors, die-cut foam, molded interiors and in-mold decorating options.

Tradesman/Merchant: These professional, handheld carrying cases can be used to protect, store, and merchandise a plethora of products in many different industries. A bead line seal fit between the base and lid make this line of cases particularly appealing to use, and the customizability in terms of size, color, and interior foam/mold options make the Tradesman line from Flambeau incredibly functional and easy to choose from.

*Merchant cases: The only difference between the Tradesman/Merchant cases is the Merchant cases have a shallow lid with deep-base functionality.

Black Ribbon: The incredibly durable storage case made from high grade, impact resistant ABS plastic is made to protect your equipment in ways that other storage cases can’t. A metal front cam locking mechanical latch system, as well as external rubber bumpers made for impact absorption, skid resistance and overall durability., make this the perfect case for protecting your most valuable items, including electronics, sensitive tools, and jewelry.

So no matter what type of equipment you need to be stored or protected, shipped, or merchandised- Cases Plus has just the right Flambeau case for you!