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Reasons why Pelican coolers are superior to other coolers

Whether on a camping trip or on a hunting and fishing adventure, a dependable and durable cooler is one of summer’s necessities! But not all coolers are made the same; some coolers leak and are cumbersome to carry, or don’t retain ice and ideal temperature for longer than a few hours. If you are on an extended trip and need a cooler that can withstand tough conditions without sacrificing either function or portability, then you can’t afford to take a chance on an average cooler! That’s why we are proud to be able to provide the very best in American- made coolers on the market today, Pelican coolers.

But what is it about Pelican coolers that makes them superior to all other coolers? For reasons why, let’s take a look at some of the features and details of the Pelican Cases we provide at CasesPlus:

  • Unconditional lifetime guarantee of excellence for every Pelican cooler
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA with specially formulated polymers
  • All coolers offer extreme ice retention, ranging from 3-10 days depending on model
  • Made with ABS latches and freezer grade seal for the ultimate cool environment for any type of items
  • Constructed with stainless steel hardware and polyurethane foam insulation
  • Ergonomically designed for easy transportation
  • Pelican coolers available in 19 different colors
  • Made to last a lifetime under the toughest of conditions
  • Perfect for avid hunters and fisherman who need a heavy duty cooler

Pelican coolers go above and beyond in protection
In addition to offering premium cooling and storage for your perishable

items, Pelican coolers are unique for another reason as well; Pelican Coolers come with a bear resistant certification from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. Pelican believes in going above in beyond in ensuring that the outdoorsmen and women who use their coolers are safe from bears. Pelican coolers are specifically designed with the intention of reducing bear to human interactions and are certified safe for both humans and animals, and have proven to be impact and penetration resistant under strenuous testing.

To sum up the reasons why Pelican coolers are superior to all other coolers on the market, just remember these 3 reasons:

1. The specialized features on some Pelican coolers (i.e., built in bottle openers, molded-in handles, heavy duty wheels, and integrated cup holders) are perfect tools for hunters, fishers, and even avid tailgaters who need a high performance cooler.

  1. Superior quality hardware and design coupled with a guaranteed lifetime of excellence, means you can depend on the durability of a Pelican cooler for a generation.
  2. Pelican coolers are top of the line when it comes to ice retention, which means that your items will stay cooler longer, giving you more time to enjoy what

you love most.

If you’re still not convinced that Pelican coolers are the very best in rugged and dependable coolers, then check out even more of the features and types of Pelican coolers that we carry at CasesPlus. Or feel free to give us a call today and we can chat about more reasons why Pelican coolers are superior to all other coolers!

Parker Cases Spotlight

Parker cases are synonymous with rugged protection and dependability, and we are proud to carry a variety of these high quality plastic carrying cases. The optimum protection and durability of Parker cases doesn’t come at a premium price either, so take a look at the 3 types of Parker cases we carry and see which shipping case meets the demands of your business.

Shipping Cases:
Whether you need to ship valuable electronic devices like cameras and computers, or other sensitive equipment that can’t be exposed to water or chemicals, the heavy duty protection provided by a Parker shipping case can be depended on for any situation. Do you need a shipping case with wheels, a custom foam insert, or a removable lid? With over 100 different Parker shipping cases to choose from at CasesPlus featuring a variety of different layouts and characteristics, you are sure to find just the right shipping case you need for your business.Some features of Parker shipping cases include:

High density polyethylene for maximum strength and durability Available with 2” foam filled liner, or a 2” layered full-foam interior Permanent white finish capable of withstanding temps of 180°F/C Full-length heavy duty pain hinges

Roto Rugged Cases:
The uniform wall thickness of the Roto Rugged Cases coupled with its rotationally molded polyethylene construction make this case the ultimate in impact resistance. With multiple colors and over 30 different types of Roto Rugged Cases to choose from, check out the variety of styles this Parker case comes in.

Some features of the Parker Roto Rugged Cases include: Telescoping handle that can recess into the case when not in use Recessed wheels with housing units that are also replaceable Additional thickness on comers for enhanced impact resistance

Deluxe Cases:
When you need to protect sensitive materials, or handle a heavy piece of equipment on your own, the Parker Plastics Deluxe Tote Case is exactly the case to get the job done for you. Engineered from HMPE polyethylene, this lightweight yet durable case is made with heavy duty aluminum that is powder coated, creating a high grade carrying case.

Some features of the Parker Deluxe Cases include:

  • Recessed ball-bearing rubber wheels on bottom corners insure maximum stability and cornering.
  • Heavy duty handles with rubber grip for easy transportation
  • Easy enough to carry, yet strong enough to ship

Be sure to check out the full range of Parker cases we carry at CasesPlus. We would love to answer any questions you have or help you in finding the case that best fits your business needs.

Flambeau Cases Spotlight

For all of your rigid packaging needs–whether they be for carrying cases, medical supplies, tool boxes, satchels, and even waterproof cases, look no further than our selection of Flambeau Cases. Industrial cases from Flambeau include top of the line, thermoplastic, injection and blow molding cases that are all ISO 901-2008 Certified, which means that they meet the highest standards when it comes to custom packaging products, so you can be sure that your valuable equipment is protected in every environment and situation.

The selection of Flambeau cases that we carry include the following types: Defender, Infinity, P-Series, Trademan/Merchant, and Black Ribbon. Here is a closer look at the features of each Flambeau case that we sell.

Defender: The name of this case is Defender for a reason; this case is one of the most rugged cases available on the market today, as its double wall construction and high density homopolymer plastic material make it ideal for protecting your gear from expose to chemicals and moisture, while also being stackable and crush resistant as well.

Additional features include:
– Available logo engraving, Spectra-Molding permanent labeling, custom colors, foam or molded interior, so you can personalize and customize your case to the specific needs of your cargo.
-Rear feet detail adds extra stability and exterior banding strap allow case to double as a shipping container
-5 different sizes available, ranging from 12”-23’’ in length.

Infinity: With more of a professional, modern look, the Infinity case provides high grade protection without compromising style. But don’t be fooled by the outside look of the cases, because this carrying case from Flambeau can still withstand up to 30 pounds of impact, is made with double wall protection, and is alas designed to be crush resistant.

Additional features include:
-Made with natural dust seal, and is resistant to chemicals and even gasoline. -Dual latch system guarantees the safety of your product through the most demanding of conditions.
-Affordably priced; available in 12 different types/sizes.

P-Series: A pin-hinge style high-density polyethylene blow-molded case, the Flambeau P-Series case is depended on by professionals in nearly every major industry and with every type of application. The heavy duty design and construction of the P-Series case makes it resistant to virtually all chemicals, and even features snap-shut latches and a durable pin hinge, for added protection.

Additional features include: -Available in a variety of sizes

-Available engraving, printing, labeling, custom colors, die-cut foam, molded interiors and in-mold decorating options.

Tradesman/Merchant: These professional, handheld carrying cases can be used to protect, store, and merchandise a plethora of products in many different industries. A bead line seal fit between the base and lid make this line of cases particularly appealing to use, and the customizability in terms of size, color, and interior foam/mold options make the Tradesman line from Flambeau incredibly functional and easy to choose from.

*Merchant cases: The only difference between the Tradesman/Merchant cases is the Merchant cases have a shallow lid with deep-base functionality.

Black Ribbon: The incredibly durable storage case made from high grade, impact resistant ABS plastic is made to protect your equipment in ways that other storage cases can’t. A metal front cam locking mechanical latch system, as well as external rubber bumpers made for impact absorption, skid resistance and overall durability., make this the perfect case for protecting your most valuable items, including electronics, sensitive tools, and jewelry.

So no matter what type of equipment you need to be stored or protected, shipped, or merchandised- Cases Plus has just the right Flambeau case for you!

Underwater Kinetics Waterproof Cases

If protecting your equipment from water and harsh conditions in durable, secure cases is important to you, then Underwater Kinetics cases are exactly what you need to keep your materials safe. Constructed with high-grade ABS plastic resin material, the cases we offer from Underwater Kinetics are both lightweight and tough, guaranteeing that your gear will be protected and easy to transport.

The 4 types of Underwater Kinetics cases we offer at CasesPlus are as follows:

The DryBox
This Underwater Kinetics case is ideal for protecting cargo such as electronic gear, expensive photography equipment, even guns and other sensitive materials. Like other Underwater Kinetics cases, the Drybox is scratch resistant, waterproof and can even be submerged in 3 feet of water without damaging anything inside. Other features of the DryBox include:

  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Stainless steel hinge design makes DryBox able to withstand impact from a drop of 7 feet to concrete without altering the contents of the case.
  • Molded-in handle and latches make for easy carrying and transportation.

The UltraCase
The UltraCase is no doubt aptly named, as this case is the ultimate in terms of protection and durability for your most valuable and sensitive equipment. We make it easy for you to find the perfect size for your UltraCase by providing 7 different sizes, ranging in weight from 4.5-12.5 pounds. Additional features of the UltraCase by Underwater Kinetics include:

  • Venting latches and pressure equalization that equalize the pressure within the case when there is an outside change in temperature or altitude.
  • Customizable foam inserts for ultimate fit for your unique instruments.
  • UltraCases of various sizes will actually interlock when they are stacked on top of each other for maximum storage stability and efficiency.

The Transit Case
For your cargo that requires the ultimate toughness in cases, the Transit Case is your best bet. These hard protective cases are large in size and constructed with strong reinforced walls to give what’s inside the highest level of protection possible. Underwater Kinetics Transit Case is resistant to fine dust, water, shock, and some of the toughest conditions you can imagine. Additional features of the Transit Case include:

  • Optional extendable handle for even easier transportability
  • Optional 3 inch wheels for maximum maneuverability
  • Made with stainless steel twist lock latches, and 3 spring loaded handles so that you can be sure your equipment is locked in tight during transit.

The Loadout Case
While all Underwater Kinetics cases are incredibly tough, what makes the Loadout Case uniquely durable is automobile-grade polypropylene resin that is both lighter and stronger than the plastic of all the other cases. Just like the Transit Case though, the Loadout Case is available in 12 different sizes with optional handle and wheel features as well. However, the Loadout Case also comes with the following unique features:

    • Made with a more cost-effective watertight-seal mechanism, the neoprene O- rings.
    • Polypropylene resin construction is more resistant to wear and tear, even chemical exposure, overtime than almost any other case.
    • Extremely lightweight the Loadout Case is dependably impact resistant.

CasesPlus is proud to be able to offer four of Underwater Kinetics high-quality cases, and we are confident that we can find the case that will meet your highest expectations and demands.

Injection Gemstar Molded Cases

When you are trying to decide on a hard plastic case you want to make sure that your durable case is going to be able to keep up with you and your adventures. The Gemstar cases available through Cases Plus are top of the line cases made through injection molding.

Gemstar forms thermoplastics through a process called injection molding for their line of Sentinel cases. Injection molding is a manufacturing process that is used in a variety of industries to create small, intricate parts to large structures, such as entire body panels of cars. The injection molded thermoplastics create such durable, long lasting products. Certain Lego products and world class refined glass products are all created through the same reliable process as the Gemstar cases.

Another Gemstar line of cases are the stronghold cases. These cases are rotationally molded, which is a slightly different process than the injection molding. They are created from a polyethylene material and contain a double wall for extra lightweight protection.

One of the most amazing things about the Gemstar cases is the versatility. These cases have been used in a wide variety of ways because of their high quality and reliability. The following are a few common uses for the various collections of Gemstar cases. However, this is not meant to limit the possibilities of their usage, nor provide a comprehensive list.

Mars Rover Mission: The stronghold cases were trusted to carry equipment into space with the Mars Rover mission. The high density polymer, polyethylene, plastic provided the very best quality. The Rover mission needed a product that was lightweight, compact, rust-proof and chemical resistant. The stronghold cases provided the perfect combination for the Mars mission equipment.

Military Cases: The military needs cases to carry weapons, equipment, communication devices and all kinds of other things. It is critical that the military uses top of the line cases that are compact for travel and of the highest durability. For those reasons, the military has chosen to go with Gemstar sentinel cases on multiple occasions for frontline combat carriers.

Backwoods Research: Sentinel cases are made out of a material that is so lightweight that they are perfect for quick and easy transport. Many researchers need cases to carry expensive analytical equipment. Not only do the cases need to be protective, but also they research need to be able to easily carry them for long periods of time in potentially rugged terrain. Gemstar cases are entirely waterproof and provide the perfect option for researchers.

Tool Cases: Every home requires a case to carry household tools. People search for a case that is organized, durable and compact. You do not want something that is too bulky and takes up a lot of room. For that reason, certain models in the sentinel and stronghold collections provide perfect tool cases.

The Gemstar cases are perfect for such a wide variety of needs. Gemstar is so confident about the performance abilities of each of their cases that every single one comes with a lifetime guarantee. These cases will perform in even the harshest environments, so you can feel absolutely confident in your decision. Get your Gemstar case at Cases Plus!

Pelican GoPro Cases: Comparison

Your GoPro camera is a valuable piece of equipment that needs durable, protective casing for storage and transportation. The following 4 models are some of the most durable, affordable, and well-made GoPro cases on the market. Each case is made with the same quality design and materials, however the features and specifications of the GoPro cases are different and therefore better suited for some cameras than others.

iM2050GP1 Pelican Storm GoPro Case, Price: $89.99

  • Features include: Two Press & Pull Latches, Double-layered, Soft-grip
Handle, Two Pad-lockable Hasps, Vortex® Valve, Powerful Hinges, and it meets airline carry-on regulations
  • Holds: 1 GoPro Camera
  • Total weight (with foam insert): 3 lbs.
  • Exterior dimensions: 11.8″ x 9.8″ x 4.7″
  • Additional accessories include, but not limited to: Padded dividers, Lidstay, and Carrying strap

iM2050GP2 Pelican Storm GoPro Case, Price: $98.99

  • Features include: Two Press & Pull Latches, Double-layered, Soft-grip
Handle, Two Pad-lockable Hasps, Vortex® Valve, Powerful Hinges, and it meets airline carry-on regulations
  • Holds: 2 GoPro Cameras
  • Total weight (with foam insert): 3 lbs
  • Exterior dimensions: 11.8″ x 9.8″ x 4.7″
  • Additional accessories include, but not limited to: Padded dividers, Lidstay, and 
Carrying strap

*Of the two above Pelican Storm Cases, the only difference is that the GP2 is made to hold two GoPro Cameras, while the GP1 holds just one. Both cases are made in black exclusively.

*Both cases are made with durable, HPX plastic resin, a strong material that will protect your GoPro gear from impact.

* The fowling two GoPro cases are from the SKB 3I Series Injection Molded Mil- Standard Waterproof Cases, and are molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin

* The primary difference between the two models is that the 4GP2 case holds two GoPros, while the first case is made to hold one

* Both of the Mil Standard GoPro cases feature a custom cut foam interior that can store up to the Hero 4 version, includes a storage compartment for accessories as well as slots for batteries, and is constructed of high quality Stratocell foam with a vibrant red capped foam.

 MSI0705-3GP1 Mil Standard GoPro Case, Price $32.86

  • Exterior dimensions: 8.36’’ x 6.70’’ x 3.83’’
  • Holds: One GoPro camera
  • Total Weight: 1.20 lbs

MSI0907-4GP2 Mil Standard Double GoPro Case, Price $47.03  

  • Exterior dimensions: 10.73’’ x 9.69’’ x 4.80’’
  • Holds: Two GoPro Cameras
  • Total Weight: 2.60 lbs
  • Features shared by these GoPro cases include: UV, solvent, corrosion, fungus, and impact resistant, a complete gasket seal for total water tightness, automatic ambient pressure equalization value, Molded-in hinges, patented mini trigger release latch system, and a rubber over-molded cushion grip handle


Pelican Storm at Cases Plus!

When you’re working in a demanding environment and you have valuable items that need to be kept safe and protected, the Pelican Storm case is exactly what you want. Just think about how often you worry about your work accessories, tools, and other important inventory during transport when they are not adequately protected in a durable case, especially when it’s expensive cargo that’s being transferred. Well, with the Pelican Storm Cases you won’t have the need to worry about the safety and security of your property anymore!

Pelican Storm cases are high performance protective cases that are currently depended on in a variety of demanding industries, by professionals in the fields of law enforcement, fire protection services, and even the military. The reason why professionals can count on Pelican Storm cases in extreme conditions is mainly due to the exceptional quality of the materials and design behind Pelican products. But don’t just take our word for it; listed below are just some of the key features that make Pelican Storm cases the ultimate in protective cases for cargo items of all sizes.

  • Rugged and durable cases that can withstand extreme conditions without leaking or failing
    • Protective design allows for safety and security during transportation and storage
    • Tailor made, customized foam design made unique to your cargo makes for ultimateprotection
    • Handling of case designed for efficiency in mobility

For a closer look at individual Pelican Storm cases, here are 3 of the more popular models and a few of their characteristics.

iM2050 Pelican Storm

Made with Pelican’s proprietary lightweight strong HPX resin, this small size, watertight protective case has been proven durable in low-temperature impact tests to keep your most valuable items secure. This easy to open case made with a patented Press and Pull Latch, the Double Layered Soft-grip Handle, and the fact that it meets carry on regulation measurements makes transporting and storing your valuable cargo efficient and hassle free.

iM2700 Pelican Storm

This large case provides extra protection and security with two Padlockable Hasps, and four Press and Pull Latches, optional foam and utility organizers for smaller instruments, and it can protect your cargo in heats of up to 140°F, making this the ideal case for storing and transporting your valuable electronic equipment, for example.

1555 Pelican Air Case

The Pelican Air Case is up to 40 percent lighter than other polymer carrying cases, making this the lightest Protector case available on the market today. Made with Super- light proprietary HPX2 Polymer, this case is tough enough to withstand demanding conditions and light enough to take with you anywhere you go, with ease. The unique feature of the Pelican Air Case that makes it ideal for storing even the most sensitive of items, is the Automatic Purge Valve, which functions to keep water and dust out while balancing air pressure at all times, and in all conditions.

Whatever the cargo-carrying needs may be, there is a Pelican Storm case that can fit those needs while keeping your property safe and secure in the most demanding of conditions.

How to Take Care of my GPS Device

Not all of us can remember a time when we had to rely on maps and compasses to guide us and provide us directions when traveling long distances, and we take for granted all that our cell phones and GPS devices do for us. But if you stop and ask yourself, what in the world would I do if I didn’t have the ability to use GPS, you get to appreciate how valuable this technology is in our daily lives. So to help you get the most out of your GPS, we have provided a how to list for taking care of a GPS device, a guide to in proper GPS ownership.

  1. Initiate your GPS upon first use: Since your GPS unit was made at a different location than you are now in (in all likelihood), it’s important to initiate the device so it can be located by the satellites. Simply go the settings and search for the “Initialize” function so your GPS device can accurately read your location.
  2. Always use latest updates for accuracy: Just like our phones and computers, a GPS device also needs to be updated in accordance with the recommended software updates in order to keep the technology as accurate and efficient as possible.
  3. Use proper storage and cases for your GPS: Your GPS device needs constant protection from the weather to keep the components functioning, specifically protection from the humidity. It’s recommended to keep the unit in a sturdy case when not in use, and to also use a carrying case when the GPS is in use.
  4. Practice smart battery usage: A few things to keep in mind with batteries and GPS devices-don’t mix old batteries with new ones when replacing them which can mess with the electric current running through the device, don’t mix different types of batteries (i.e., carbon and alkaline), and always take the batteries out when the GPS device is not in use.
  5. Remember that your GPS is not waterproof: Despite being covered in a protective rubber casing on the outside, your GPS unit is not waterproof so don’t let it become exposed to any source, including the rain!
  6. Close that mini-USB port when not in use: The port on the side of the device where the USB cord plugs in is meant to be closed when not being used, so always make sure that little rubber plug is in place.
  7. Finally, don’t rely exclusively on GPS: While most GPS devices are dependable and long-lasting, it’s imperative to not depend exclusively on them when traveling, when camping, or when on vacation. If you happen to be traveling and your GPS device dies or breaks down, you need to have another method of identifying where you are, so always come prepared.

When troubleshooting your GPS device, try these steps:

  • Turn the device off, remove the batteries, and reboot the GPS
  • Make sure the batteries have not leaked any chemicals, which could ruin your GPS unit altogether
  • Initiate your location under the settings to make sure the GPS has your current and accurate longitude and latitude
  • When not getting a signal despite power running through the GPS, make sure you are in a clear area free of trees and other obstacles, as GPS only works when the device is under clear sky in direct access to the signals from the satellites

Above all, just remember that your GPS device is a piece of technology just like any other device that you invest in, and with that comes the necessary steps in keeping that investment in top shape so that you can depend on it when needed!

How to Take Care of My GoPro

GoPro has become a must for the adrenaline-junky adventurers these days. It is a camera built to endure the toughest climates and conditions. However, such a valuable piece of equipment needs to be cared for and protected. These few simple tips will go a long way to extend your GoPro’s life and ensure that your camera is always ready for your next adventure.


Your waterproof housing unit for your GoPro should act as a protective layer between your camera and the outside abuse. It will protect from water, sand, rocks or anything else you decide to put your camera up against. After each excursion, your camera is going to be pretty beat up, so some tender love and care will be in order. A careful cleaning will go a long way because the housing unit can easily collect dirt and residue which can be detrimental to your camera if not properly taken care of.

You should carefully remove the camera from the casing, taking special care to avoid touching the lens. Compressed air is a great tool to use to remove any dirt, sand or other built-up residue from the lens. Possibly, the most important thing to remember when cleaning your camera and housing unit is DO NOT WIPE THE LENS. If there is any dirt or marks on it, wiping it will scratch the lens and essentially it will destroy your GoPro.


The lens is the heart and soul of your GoPro camera. This is what delivers your epic footage to you, so treat it with care. An exposed lens is prone to abrasions and scratches both during use and transport. A quick easy fix for this problem is using a lens shield. They can cost as little as $15 and they are well worth every penny. There are great high definition self-adhering plastic lens protectors that are specifically designed to cover the lens area of your GoPro camera. These custom shields with durable 4-layer construction will be your first line of precaution.

Only after using your compressed air to remove any residue, are you ready to use any materials to wipe or clean the lens. Probably everyone has been guilty of using the breath on it method to fog up your lens and wipe it down with the nearest cotton blend t-shirt. Avoid this method. It is worth the extra couple minutes it requires to give your lens a real cleaning. There are various products available for zoom lens cleaning solutions and lens cloths. Use those tools to gently wipe your lens without scratching any surface or leaving any solution marks.

Storage Case

When your camera is not out on an epic adventure with you, it is imperative that you keep it protected. Not only can a small camera become lost easily, but out of a case you run the risk of it falling on the floor, getting stepped on or used as a toy. Here you can find a variety of cases that are made specifically for storing GoPro cameras. Every item including the camera, cleaning materials and accessories can find a snug fit home within the case for protected travel.

Remember these tips so that you and your GoPro can enjoy a fun and epic life together!


Pelican Air

Introducing Pelican­ Air, The Lightest Polymer Protector Cases On The Planet

At up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, Pelican Air cases will lighten the loads of the dedicated pros across the world who have set out to change the game.

Pelican Air cases are the first in a series of remarkable innovations engineered by Pelican, the pioneers of protective cases. For over 40 years Pelican has designed and crafted the most influential protective cases in the world, and we’re just getting started.

With the launch of the PelicanTM Air line of cases, we’re redefining the future of protection with a remarkable union of light and tough.

Meet Pelican Air. Up to 40% lighter. Guaranteed for life.

The Science Behind Strength and Lightness

The PelicanTM Air case has been designed to cut weight without compromising durability.
Our engineers have revolutionized the protector case by reducing structural waste while preserving Pelican’s legendary standards of strength. In development for years, the design team challenged the status quo to “add lightness” in every detail.

Here are some important reasons why PelicanTM Air cases are both strong and light:

  • Molded from the next generation of Pelican’s lightweight HPXTMresin, a proprietary formula that rebounds without breaking
  • Honeycomb structural elements that are actually stronger than solid polymer material
  • Super-stiff “full box” sections engineered to create hollow parts


It wouldn’t be a PelicanTM case if you couldn’t drop it, kick it and run over it – and the PelicanTM Air case is no different.

  • Drop-tested on concrete with loads from six feet on all sides and corners
  • Submerged for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter
  • Wheels are roll tested over 1,000 yards with loads at 5 mph
  • 28 lb. steel dart dropped on all sides from 3 feet


The world is in a hurry and PelicanTM Air cases are setting the pace with two models optimized for travel. We aggregated the airline rules for maximum overhead and check-in dimensions, and perfected two cases for pros on the move. Both cases include a rugged extendable handle that keeps the case clear of your heels when walking, and smooth rolling ball bearing wheels that are nice and quiet.

Getting through the airport with a PelicanTM Air case is a lot easier, and saves money on over-weight baggage fees, too.­


Weighing just 8.69 lbs. with exterior dimensions of 21.96 x 11.97 x 8.98 inches, Model 1535 is optimized for carry-on/overhead bin size.


Weighing just 14.06 lbs. with exterior dimensions of 32.58 x 18.40 x 11.02 inches, Model 1615
is the maximum airline dimensions for checked baggage without oversize charges.


With inventive features that anticipate the needs of pros from every line of work, the new Pelican Air models offer innovation with an equal balance of toughness and lightness.
Every pro will discover a more effortless user experience and the perfect model in the Pelican Air line.

Shared Features Across All Models:

  • Super-light Proprietary HPX2 Polymer
  • Proven Tough Double-Throw Latches
  • Automatic Purge Valve Balances Air Pressure
  • Watertight O-Ring Gasket
  • New Style “Conic Curve” Lid Shape
  • Crushproof and Dustproof
  • Stainless Steel Hasp Protectors
  • Rubber Overmolded Handles
  • New Removable Polycarbonate Card Holder With Front or Side Placement


  • Full Sewn Tub with Felt Exterior
  • VelcroTMCompatible NylexTMInterior
  • Elastic Hold Down Straps
  • Hi-Visibility Yellow Interior
  • Set Includes: 1 Tub, 2 Large Dividers,
  • 6 Medium Dividers, 3 Small Dividers