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PFC Cases Spotlight

For over 40 years, the Plastic Framing Company, Inc. (PFC) has been a leading producer of some of the most rigid blow molded cases made in the U.S.A, and as the creators of the Double Wall Blow Molded Cases, a carrying case from PFC is one that you can count on to protect your product.

The manufacturing process of Blow Molding HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic creates an incredibly durable case that provides top of the line strength and impact resistance. Moreover, since blow molding uses melted plastic and a hollow tube to then mold each individual case, as opposed to snapping several weaker plastic parts together to create a cases, a PFC case is substantially more durable and resistant to shock, and overall wear and tear than your standard carrying case.

At CasesPlus, we carry over 60 different PFC cases that are all affordably priced and made from the same environmentally friendly polyethylene plastic. Check out a couple of the features of the PFC cases we carry below to help you figure out which plastic carrying case will best protect your product.

1716 Blow Molded Case

  • Simple rugged case that can be used in a variety of applications, such as medical equipment and supplies
  • Available with or without the foam insert for added protection and shock absorption
  • Inside Dimensions: 5.60”x 3.60” x 1.40”
  • Outside Dimensions: 6.50” x 4.50” x 1.70”

    PFC Slim Line Cases

  • Ideal for protecting the slimmest of products and equipment, the PFC slim line cases come in six different color options, as well as the option to include the foam insert
  • Features much slimmer edges and a sleeker outside surface than standard PFC cases
  • Inside Dimensions: 6.18 x 3.62 x 1.00
  • Outside Dimensions: 7.00 x 4.37 x 1.50

958 Blow Molded Case

  • One of the larger PFC cases that we carry at Cases Plus, this blow molded case is available with custom foam options that will provide your product with a high degree of protection, capable of withstanding extreme cold weather, high impact situations, and even resisting rust, solvents, and oils.
  • Features two dual latches for added security during transport and storage
  • Inside Dimensions: 21.30 x 14.30 x 9.62
  • Outside Dimensions: 23.00 x 16.00 x 10.00

Additional characteristics unique to PFC cases include:

  • The double wall construction creates a pocket or cushion of air between the walls

of the cases itself to provide maximum protection for whatever is inside the case.

  • Molded in color will not fade or chip off like most carrying cases.
  • Long term durability provided by the mechanical latches and hinges.
  • Mold-Tech exterior finish is scratch resistant and won’t wear down after years of


  • HDPE plastic itself is environmentally friendly and doesn’t leak any chemicals or toxins in the water or soil during the manufacturing process.
  • Cases and the plastic used to make them are easy and efficient to recycle as well.

Take a look at the full range of PFC cases we carry to compare and contrast the features of these versatile carrying cases and find the perfect match for your product!

The Case of Protection for your Laptop and Tablet

With the holiday season upon us, you may have put a new laptop or tablet on your “wish list.”  Whether your portable electronic device comes wrapped with a holiday ribbon or you purchased it for yourself, these devices have become amazingly lightweight and compact enough to literally take them anywhere you go.

One thought to consider when toting your device, is the increased chance of damage due to bumps, dings, and even accidentally dropping it. After all, it would be great if your new laptop or tablet could last for many holiday seasons to come.

There are so many choices when it comes to protective laptop and tablet cases, some are simply covers meant more for esthetics and offer little or no protection. While this type of case cover may work for some, you may want to consider a bit more protection especially if you plan to take your device with you whether for work or pleasure. Whatever your situation may be, you may have decided that a case is a good solution to help protect your electronic device from damage.

Pelican Products: Pelican ProGear

Are you aware that has designed a line of laptop and tablet protective cases? These digital protection cases made with the same toughness found within their shipping cases is available in Pelican’s ProGear Hardback Cases.  These cases offer many sizes to fit tablets, netbooks, and laptops up to 15”; they are crushproof, watertight, and impact resistant, offering either molded-in or customizable foam inserts for added protection of your device.  For ease of carrying your electronic device many cases offer a removable shoulder strap that allows you to just slip it over your shoulder and go.

CHECK OUT: Pelican ProGear Tablets and E-Readers Cases

Do you enjoy the slim-line styling found with the iPad® tablets but you are seeking a protective case that offers protection and without the bulk? Then you may want to check out Pelican’s line of cases designed specifically for the Apple iPad Air® and iPad® mini tablets. These protective cases come in two different styles within Pelican ProGear Voyager and Vault Series. Pelican ProGear Voyager Series Cases combine ‘form-fitting’ protection to the body of your device at all times, protecting the back and sides of your tablet against damage while still providing easy access to your devices ‘on/off’ button, volume control, and portholes.

While many case covers offer little or no protection for your tablet’s screen, Pelican ProGear Voyager Series Case offers you ‘scratch-resistance’ screen protection.  This two-layer protection offer protection for someone who is concern of possible damage but seeks the styling of a slim-line case.

However, if you are looking to step-up your case protection a notch, then you may want to consider Pelican ProGear Vault Series Case.  This case not only protects the back and sides of your device, while still allowing you to access your controls and buttons, but this ‘folio’ style case with an attached screen protection hardcover offers impact and abrasion protection to your device when it’s not in use.  When you need to access your tablet, the dual axis hinged hardcover simply folds over the back creating an easel stand to allow you access to your tablets screen for viewing media or simply typing.

The Pelican ProGear Vault Series Case offers protection from dust and even moisture from the rain. This case is great for anyone who needs maximum safeguarding against damage and the environment but appreciates the ease of using your tablet in a supported position whether on a job site or at your office.

Whatever case style you seek for protecting your new electronic device, you may want to consider the durable protection found within Pelican ProGear Hardback cases or the Voyager and Vault Series tablet cases.

Traveling Well: Selecting Quality Luggage by ProGear Luggage

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the Colosseum in Rome, skiing down the slopes of the Swiss Alps or maybe a relaxing riverboat cruise down the Mekong River?  These are all great destinations that many of us will only dream about visiting, but for those lucky enough to travel, you quickly learn that the destination is only part of the adventure.  Getting to and from is the other part.

We have all heard or even experienced first-hand how our luggage runs a hard obstacle course from the time we check-in at the airport until we reclaim it at our destination; slung by time-pressed baggage handlers onto carts and trolleys with some of the hardest hits coming when it slides down the chute into the luggage carousel. So choosing well-made durable luggage, especially if you travel a lot, is important to ensure all your possessions are transported safely, securely and without damage to your contents.

Pelican known for designing high quality cases has designed the ProGearTm Elite Luggage. This line of luggage offers durability, mobility and security which are all features you will want to consider when making the decision on your next luggage purchase.

How durable should luggage be?

Your luggage needs to be able to withstand extreme tossing, fumbling and dropping from even the clumsiest of baggage handlers.  While durability is important, you still want a case with stylish design and that is exactly what the ProGear Elite luggage offers you.  Made of molded high impact polymer material, these cases are able to withstand extreme weight loads eliminating the issue of your luggage being crushed or damaged during transit.

Pelican’s sleek and modern dark charcoal case offers six attractive trim colors allowing you to configure luggage to fit your personal style, while making it easy to recognize at baggage claim.

Can your luggage protect its contents from the elements?

The ProGear Elite Luggage does an outstanding job of protecting your contents from the outside elements. Fitted with a watertight O-ring seal which blocks moisture from getting in, this luggage is able to resist almost everything; even water when your luggage is left standing on the tarmac in the rain.

Is your luggage lightweight and easy to handle?

This rugged, yet lightweight luggage offers the most structural integrity and handling without the weight typically associated with hard-side cases.  It incorporates a sturdy dual wheel design making maneuvering through airports, train stations, and even the city sidewalks a breeze.

Equipped with a comfortable retractable handle that does not take up valuable interior packing space is just one more feature of the ProGear Elite Luggage.  With this extra interior space bringing home a souvenir or two from your next trip, just got easier!

Is your locking system TSA Approved?

The security system for luggage is an important consideration for the protection of your belongings. With the ‘built-in’ TSA approved locking system there is no need to deal with a cut padlock or lost luggage keys ever again. The three-digit combination lock with a TSA bypass key helps keep your items safe, yet still allowing TSA agents to inspect your bag when you’re not around.

Claiming your personal contents from the baggage carousel due to a broken zipper or ‘popped’ luggage closures is never going to be an issue with the ‘Press and Pull’ latch design found on the ProGear Elite luggage.  These recessed latches are strategy placed on three sides of the case to ensure that your contents remain securely intact even when one latch is accidentally left unhooked.

What size luggage best fits your needs? 

Now that you have selected your destination, it’s time to pick the right luggage pieces to best fit your travel needs.  Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage is available in three sizes from the 22” Carry-on, which is a convenient size able to easily be stored in the overhead bin compartment of the airplane.  The 27” Weekender and 30” Vacationer offer you manageable luggage for your longer travel plans.

Whichever size case you select, you may want to consider how you are going to organize your personal items securely within your luggage.  It’s easy with the optional “Enhanced Travel System” designed to fit within the ProGear Elite Luggage.  It features a detachable interior lid organizer, a toiletry kit, shoe sack, removable garment bag and a separate laundry bag to ensure that your personal contents are at your fingertips once you have arrived.

As you can see, an investment in better quality luggage will not only last longer, but it will remain looking good, protect your contents while enhancing your experience with hassle-free travel for many years to come.

Not Your Ordinary Cooler: Unique Cooler Features

We have come a long way from the days when we still had plain old coolers that we took with us when we on a picnic, or when we visited a beach, or even when we went camping. We have made several steps to improve the experience by ensuring the freshness of the food and drinks that we take. A testament to this is the existence of the Elite Pelican Coolers. Let’s take a look at the unique features that the Elite Pelican Coolers offer, which makes them the perfect modern-day coolers for all your needs.

  1. Elite Pelican Coolers can retain ice for up to 10 days

The Elite-line offers up to 10-day ice retention capacity made possible by freezer-grade gasket and thick polyurethane insulation.

Imagine going out on a hot summer’s day to the beach; you’d want a refreshing drink. Thanks to the Elite Pelican cooler’s unmatchable ice retention capacity, your beverages are kept ice-cold.

Also, when you camp in the wilderness, you won’t even worry about your perishables because they are sure to be kept fresh with your Elite Pelican Cooler.

  1. Elite Pelican Coolers are bear-resistant

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) certifies elite Pelican Coolers Elite-line as bear-resistant.

Aside from the fact that using bear-resistant containers would be to your advantage, would it not be nice to know that you are doing your part in protecting the grizzlies from harm that may be caused by eating something they shouldn’t – not to mention that you are also keeping your items, such as food, a little safer than you would by placing them in regular containers?

Elite Pelican Coolers have met the bear-resistant design and structural standards, but it is not a guarantee that a grizzly bear cannot gain entry into these products.

  1. Some Elite Pelican Coolers are wheeled 

Yes, wheeled! Some variants of the Elite-line are wheeled, giving you extra convenience.  That’s a nifty feature that some coolers just don’t bother to add. We understand how troublesome it is to carry coolers, especially the big ones. When these are full of contents, it can really take some muscle power to take it from one place to another. With the wheeled Elite Pelican Coolers, you don’t need to worry anymore about how much stuff you bring with you. In addition, these wheels are heavy duty and are sure to support the maximum weight capacity of your cooler.

  1. Elite Pelican Coolers are corrosion-resistant

The Elite-line is beautiful and it wants to stay that way. That is why it is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. We want to assure you that your Elite Pelican Cooler will be with you throughout the years.

  1. Elite Pelican Coolers have nifty accessories and bonus features

The three features above are already great, but the features don’t end there! Here are some of the additional features you will find in the long-range of Elite Pelican Coolers that make them the best choice of cooler there is:

  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Press-and-Pull latches that are made wide for gloved use
  • Molded-in tie downs
  • Non-skid and non-marking raised feet
  • Molded-in Lock Hasp made of stainless steel
  • Sloped Drain, and tethered threaded plug to be able to attach a garden hose
  • Integrated fish scale on lid
  • Molded-in handles with built in trolley handles