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Best lighting products offered at CasesPlus

Most of us underestimate the usefulness of a flashlight and how often they can come in handy, until that one break down on the side of the road at night when we are left stranded without a flashlight and remember how important they are at that very moment! Even a routine task done with the addition of a flashlight can make all the difference in visibility, such as navigating through your attic when looking for the Christmas decorations or fixing the drain under a sink.

Whether you prefer a portable and compact flashlight to have with you in your purse, car, or backpack, or even a headlamp style flashlight that is perfect for hikers and bikers out on the trails when the sun is setting, CasesPlus offers the best personal lighting products for every need. From waterproof and rechargeable lights, to lights made with photo luminescent material, CasesPlus has over 100 lighting products available on their website, all with full descriptions and pictures of the lights to help you make the best decision according to your needs.

Want to check out the highest recommended lighting products from CasesPlus? Read below for the top 5 products that we recommend based on the quality and characteristics of the lights:

  1. 1820 Pocket Sabre

This Pelican-made personal flashlight is powerful, built to last, and can withstand chemicals, water, and corrosion. Despite being powered by only 2 C alkaline cells, the polycarbonate lens and focused Xenon lamp module of the Pocket Sabre allow it to produce an extremely bright beam that is capable of penetrating through the fog, rain, and smoke.

  1. 2365 LED Flex Neck

Perfect for maintenance workers and other people who need to manipulate their light source in tight spaces, the LED Flex Neck from Pelican gives you a hands free way to direct your light source any direction you choose. The 15” flexible neck coupled with a push button tail switch activates the 65 lumens of LED light.

  1. 2720 LED Headlight

No matter how wet your hands are or what type of gloves you may be wearing, this lighting product from CasesPlus works with Gesture Activation Technology so you never need to push any button to the headlight on-simply wave your hand instead. Also features a low level red light to preserve your night vision, an S.O.S beacon light, and an optical 4X magnification for variable light output, and of course, a comfortable and adjustable rubber head strap.

  1. 9410 LED Rechargeable Lantern

Though it only weighs 3 pounds, this powerful lantern packs quite a punch; made with 4 LED’s that are powered by the latest generation Lithium-ion batteries, this Pelican lantern can illuminate a distance of 475 yards! In addition, this lighting product features a battery status indicator, a 120º rotational head, and 3 different lighting modes (high, low, and flashing).

  1. 9420XL LED Work-Light Kit

This portable work light from Pelican is equipped with two LED’s with 1,000 lumens of light and 4 hours of run time, as well as a 5 foot high mast that can easily be deployed in seconds to illuminate an entire work area. And the best part is that this lighting product operates on a rechargeable system so you never have to deal with messy power cords while using this work light!

While we definitely recommend the lighting products listed above, there are dozens more options available on the CasesPlus website and we encourage you to check out all the great products to find the best light for you.

Lighting Solutions for Your Outdoor Safety

As the fall season begins to arrive and the daylight hours are quickly getting shorter and shorter, your outdoor activities do not need to come to an end. Having the right portable light source can offer you better visibility and added security to continue enjoying your outdoor activities.

Did you know that Pelican, known for manufacturing high-performance cases, offers the same level of durability and quality with their portable lighting products, allowing you to illuminate the darkness with flashlights, headlights and even dive lights to best fit your needs?

Consider the right flashlight to fit your needs.

A durable flashlight can be useful in many applications from general all-purpose lighting for an evening walk, hiking or camping, to an unexpected power outage in your home.

Pelican offers a wide selection of both Personal and Medium Duty Flashlights to fit your needs.   Personal Flashlights are a great option for lighting, providing you with a confident light source when safety is a concern but small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.

The handy “go-to” flashlight that we are all familiar with can be found in Pelican’s Medium Duty lights.  These lights are built tough with Xenon brightness that is able to penetrate through fog, offering you safety and confidence in the dark.

Do you enjoy running, hiking, skiing or cycling?

Whether you’re running at dusk, enjoying nighttime skiing or cycling in the early morning before sunrise, you can’t beat the hands-free lighting convenience offered by a headlight. Pelican’s HeadsUp LiteTM can illuminate your path of travel by offering multi-beam functionality at your fingertips. The adjustable headlight strap fits snuggly and securely when worn around your head or over a bike helmet.

Gloved hands are never an issue with Pelican’s Gesture Activation Control technology.  This technology allows you to simply turn ‘on and off’ your light source with just a wave of the hand, a great solution for the avid skier.

Whether you are jogging, running or biking, wearing a headlight not only offers you added visibility but makes you noticeable to oncoming drivers in the early morning hours or after dusk.

Are watersports more your outdoor adventure?

If exploring the underwater is your ideal watersport, then the Pelican NemoTM Dive Light is a great consideration for the diver or snorkeler.  A dive light will not only enhance your underwater visibility but it will enhance the colors you see while exploring.  Pelican’s Dive Lights will provide you with the brightest underwater light source whether you are retrieving something from your dive bag or exploring an underwater cave.

Whether you enjoy your watersport adventures above or below the waves, you may want to consider a Nemo Dive Light as a great safety tool to have onboard your watercraft.  And of course they’re water resistant up to 100 meters!

Whatever your specific need, Pelican’s innovative portable lights are an indispensable tool for keeping you safe while providing you added visibility when needed for your outdoor activities.